Lots of collaboration goes into the creation of a museum exhibition and we have many people to thank

Makers and Artists who loaned their work for the exhibition

Jessica Farmer

Otatdodah Homer

Dehanoñhsawa’khoñ’ “Ikerson” Hopper

Lisa Latocha

Kaytlynn Lynch

Samantha Meta

Niioieren Niio Perkins

Kaha:whi’tha Leah Shenandoah

Tekahnatshyali:te Diane Schenandoah

Teyotáhalote’ Jennifer Wilt

Kawennaronnion Wilma (Cook) Zumpano

Phase 1 Student Curators in Spring 2020

Phase 2 Student Curators from Summer 2020-Spring 2021

Keilani Blas ‘22

Andrea De Hoyos ‘20

Olivia Miller ‘20

Savannah Milton ‘21

Michael Jones, MAT program ‘20

Keilani Blas ‘22

Audrey Chan ‘23

Sam Fleming ‘24

Daniella Onofre ‘23

Ray Zhang ‘24

University Museums Staff and Campus Partners

Curators: Rebecca Mendelsohn and Kaytlynn Lynch

Community Liaison: Lisa Latocha

Preparator: Scott Lewis

Collections Manager/Registrar: Susanna White

Assistant Registrar: Angela Wilde

Assistant Educator: Njeri Jennings

Administrative Assistant: Michelle VanAuken

Curatorial Assistant: Sarah Dickes (Syracuse University)

Graphic Design: Michael Holobosky (University Printing)

Technology: Sarah Curtis, Niranjan Davray, and Mark Hine (ITS)

Purchase of Longyear collections on display was made possible through generous funding by:

The Mortimer C. Howe Fund

Sarah Lange ‘87 in honor of Ulysses and Iris Garcia, Trujillo, Peru

Carol Ann Lorenz to honor the birth of Lillian Ava Hobor

Carol Ann Lorenz & Christopher T. Vecsey in memory of John. M. Longyear 

The Henke-Hsu family

Joseph Hamilton ‘00

Whitney Scott ‘08 in Memory of Verna Scott

We also thank the following donors for gifts of pieces on display here:

Anthony and Lorraine Aveni

Bruce Ergood ‘52

Sheldon Kumer

Beverly Porte

Carolynne Whitefeather