Mola panel with Kuna women cooking

Erdiana (Diana) Valdez

Panama City, Panama

Before October 2010



Molas, made from two or more layers of fabric, are often made in pairs, and are worn over blouses to create mola blouses. Molas made in a more traditional style often include different kinds of geometric patterns which may symbolize different animals or plants, meaningful in the maker’s culture. This mola made by Erdiana “Diana” Valdez, known as a “Mola Master,” however, is an example of the very complex embroidering techniques used to portray detailed scenes. While geometric shapes are present, the mola also depicts what appears to be a cooking scene with three individuals, one of whom is holding a fire fan. The intricacy of the patterns, emphasize not only the time required to craft this mola, but also the mastery of the skill of the artist.